Caveman Diet Table of Contents

The Caveman or Paleolithic diet is a lifestyle dietary regime and not a weight-loss “diet.” But the purpose of our site is to explain how the Caveman diet can be used as a powerful weight-loss tool. We won’t cover the Caveman diet as lifestyle and recommend The Paloe Diet book by Dr. Loren Cordain for more information.  If you are familiar with the tenets of the Caveman diet as well as dieting for weight loss, and are interested in learning more about using the Caveman diet to lose weight, you can jump to Section 4: The Caveman Diet to Lose Weight

Section 1: Introduction to the Caveman Diet
Basic one-page synopsis of the diet as a lifestyle dietary regime and FAQs. The primary purpose of our site is to use the Caveman diet as a weight loss tool but we present the concept and basics of the regime here.

Section 2: Introduction to Fad Diets
Here we cover dieting in general terms and explain some basic pitfalls that cause people to fail on any diet.

Section 3: Introduction to Weight Loss
We go a little more in-depth behind the physics of weight loss, the tools required, what you can reasonably expect to lose, and why it won’t be 15 pounds a week like that guy on The Biggest Loser.

Section 4: The Caveman Diet to Lose Weight
Here is a step-by-step guide to lose weight on the Caveman diet. We again cover the physics behind weight loss and how to figure out how much you can eat, the tools required, the basics of meal planning and using a dietary journal to plan meals, eating schedule, free days, exercise, and how you will feel on the diet.

Section 5: Menu planning
We explain, using real-life examples, how to calculate your meal plans and shopping list for the week based on your weight loss goals.

Section 6: Exercise
A brief introduction to exercise–what exercise will give you results, why riding an exercise bike for 3 hours a day is not going to help you lose weight, and why you don’t need to exercise more than 45 minutes a day.

Section 2: Goals and Measuring Progress
We explain how realistic goal setting is your diet’s road map to success. Also, that recording a wide variety of statistics increases your chances of finding something positive in your effort, even if the scale weight does not change.

Appendix A: Sample Caveman Diet Menu
A sample menu I followed to lose 15 pounds in 30 days.

EBook Resources
Here are two ebooks I can’t recommend strongly enough. I have bought and used both simultaneously over the last few years. Both have helped me put on muscle as well as teach me how to correctly train with free weights safely and correctly. If the last time you lifted a weight was years ago in High School, than you need to brush up on all the new theories and techniques, a lot has changed! For women, I would check out Truth About Abs, as it’s a bit more of a unisex program than Muscle Gaining Secrets.

Truth About AbsVisit Truth About AbsMuscle Gaining SecretsVisit Muscle Gaining Secrets

Truth About Abs: There is a good reason you see the Truth About Abs ads everywhere on the web, it’s because Mike Geary’s program really works, both for men and women. It’s not just about the abs, since you really can’t have defined abs without the rest of you being ship shape–including your diet. I bought this ebook years ago and still consult my tattered PDF copy of it.

Muscle Gaining Secrets:  Jason Ferruggia’s ebook is probably one of the best muscle building books out there–it’s geared toward putting on serious muscle, with workout regimes for complete beginners to professional body builders.  He runs a gym in Brooklyn, this guy is the real deal, and he specializes in programs for guys who have a hard time putting on muscle.

How I utilized these resources during my weight loss phase
Both books cover a lot of the same territory. Ferruggia’s book is more for bulking up, and I would use his beginner and intermediate workouts to make some quick and fast muscle gains, helping boost my metabolism and lean body mass. After a couple months I would switch over to Geary’s program, as I’m not too into body building size and prefer a leaner physique. Both books also are great to brush up on the correct way to lift free weights. I hadn’t really had any training in lifting since High School and was amazed at how much has changed–the bench press is now bad for you?! If only I knew back then what these guys are teaching us today, I would have been the biggest guy in the county

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